Why GenZ is repulsed by your marketing

GenZ is a powerhouse when it comes to engaging with content and spending money. Targeting them with your marketing efforts is a no-brainer – but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. GenZ is a very different ball game to your typical audience.

Here are 3 mistakes you’re probably making that are turning GenZ OFF your content (and how to fix them).

1. Your trend game is lagging.

Trends are a staple in social media but they’re a double-edged sword. Jump on a trend fast and you can see your engagement explode. Jump on it too late and you risk looking out of touch and tacky. When it comes to jumping on a social media trend you have to do just that: jump! Fast. Don’t waste time editing the perfect caption or tweaking your content – dive in with both feet and swim. 

2. Your memes aren’t translating.

Meme culture changed the way we communicate online. Nowadays, all it takes to convey a ridiculous amount of information is some crude photoshop and knowledge of the internet’s dankest memes. When it comes to using memes in marketing, you have to know the language. There’s no use using a meme you only half understand – your audience WILL notice and it WILL turn them off.

3. You’re not being authentic.

GenZ-ers can smell authenticity a mile away. They’re incredibly savvy to old-school marketing techniques that keep people at a distance and they loathe them. Marketing to today’s audiences requires you to strip yourself bare and present your brand authentically. Audiences today demand candid imagery and real conversation.

GenZ is an incredibly lucrative market. If you can learn their language and engage with them on their level, you’ll see your brand take off. Now you know 3 mistakes to avoid when marketing to GenZ! 

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