Why GenZ is repulsed by your marketing

GenZ is a powerhouse when it comes to engaging with content and spending money. Targeting them with your marketing efforts is a no-brainer – but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. GenZ is a very different ball game to your typical audience.

Here are 3 mistakes you’re probably making that are turning GenZ OFF your content (and how to fix them).

1. Your trend game is lagging.

Trends are a staple in social media but they’re a double-edged sword. Jump on a trend fast and you can see your engagement explode. Jump on it too late and you risk looking out of touch and tacky. When it comes to jumping on a social media trend you have to do just that: jump! Fast. Don’t waste time editing the perfect caption or tweaking your content – dive in with both feet and swim. 

2. Your memes aren’t translating.

Meme culture changed the way we communicate online. Nowadays, all it takes to convey a ridiculous amount of information is some crude photoshop and knowledge of the internet’s dankest memes. When it comes to using memes in marketing, you have to know the language. There’s no use using a meme you only half understand – your audience WILL notice and it WILL turn them off.

3. You’re not being authentic.

GenZ-ers can smell authenticity a mile away. They’re incredibly savvy to old-school marketing techniques that keep people at a distance and they loathe them. Marketing to today’s audiences requires you to strip yourself bare and present your brand authentically. Audiences today demand candid imagery and real conversation.

GenZ is an incredibly lucrative market. If you can learn their language and engage with them on their level, you’ll see your brand take off. Now you know 3 mistakes to avoid when marketing to GenZ! 

Want to level up your marketing but don’t have the time or manpower to make it happen? That’s what we’re here for. Set up an anything-but-boring consultation with us today!

3 Lessons Real Estate Agents can learn from 80s Slasher Films

Looking to up your real estate game? Why not learn from the best: 80s slasher films. Here are three lessons you can learn from 80s horror movies to improve your approach to real estate.

Don’t give up

If there’s one thing successful real estate agents must have it’s perseverance. Just like Laurie Strode running from Michael Myers, you have to keep your eye on the prize whether it be surviving the night or making that next sale.


Real estate is a long game. You have to build your network and get to know the industry, and that requires guts and a can-do attitude. Even when the going gets tough, you have to persevere.

Hold your horses!

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4 Explosive Ways Golden Medina Services Helps a Local Criminal Defense Attorney Grow His Business

Golden Medina Services helps grow criminal defense attorney in Las Vegas

How Our Marketing Services Helps a Las Vegas Attorney Get New Clients

1. Social Media

High Frequency Marketing

Unlike other services, people don’t ever plan on getting a DUI. It can happen when one least expects it. With this in mind, Golden Medina Services (GMS) implemented a high frequency content marketing model for our client, DUI Doctor. This model allows our marketing agency to target followers similar to our Defense Attorney’s existing client base. We also targeted past clients online to elevate referral volume.

2. Local SEO

Get Found Before the Competition with Search Engine Optimization

With approximately 7,333 active and resident lawyers in Nevada, ensuring your brand stays competitive is a must. GMS empowers DUI Doctor’s online searchability by optimizing their Google listing and focusing on their niche market: DUIs and Traffic Tickets!

3. Realty TV (Yes, You Read That Right)

Our Defense Attorney is on National TV. Now what?

Faced with being featured in a hit reality TV show, 90 Day Fiancé, our client needed a way to capitalize on the millions of viewers that would be meeting him for the first time. GMS developed time-sensitive Ad Campaigns to maximize brand awareness for his legal services.

4. TikTok Marketing

Taking Virality Into Your Own Hands

To further expand our client’s reach, GMS developed an explosive content strategy using TikTok to grow our defense attorney’s business. We launched a miniseries called the Doc in Court, available to stream exclusively on social media as well as a myriad of other video content produced and recorded by our team.

What Do the Numbers Say?

Some of Our Key Metrics on Social Media Marketing

  • Over 2 million content impressions on Facebook.
  • Over 405k content impressions on Instagram.
  • Approximately 3 million video views on TikTok.
  • An average of $0.75 cost per click on Facebook & Instagram.

Data as of December 2020.

Some of Our Key SEO & Lead Generation Metrics

  • Over 12.4k Google Searches performed within a 7 month period.
  • Approximately 650 new phone calls (an increase of over 200% from the previous period).
  • Over 100 new online leads directly attributed to GMS marketing efforts.

Grow Your Law Firm

Now that you’ve gotten the opportunity to learn about how we help local defense attorneys, it’s your turn to grow! Find our how Golden Medina Services can take your business to the next level & schedule a consultation today.

Other Attorneys We Work With

  • Personal Injury Attorneys.
  • Workers’ Compensation Attorneys.
  • Bankruptcy Attorneys.
  • Immigration Attorneys.

3 Ways Golden Medina Services Helps a Local Allstate Agency Grow their Business

Allstate Case Study by Golden Medina Services

Las Vegas Allstate Insurance Branch

1. Social Media

Authentic Bilingual Marketing

Our Allstate client has a strong Hispanic customer base, so being able to market on social media in English + Spanish is a must. Piece of cake for GMS. ¡A su servicio!

2. Say Cheese

Onsite Photography for the Whole Team

To keep our client constantly in front of their target audience, GMS provides onsite photography + editing, social videography, and exciting script ideas.

3. Quality + Quantity

High volume content that people actually want to see on their timeline.

In order to provide a consistent flow of lead opportunities, GMS developed a personalized strategy plan allowing us to post content with the right messaging, at the right time, using the right hashtags. Our proven method allows our Allstate client to maximize their brand’s reach in a local, highly targeted manner.

What Do the Numbers Say?

Between our advertising + content marketing efforts, our Allstate client has received:

  • 200K+ content impressions
  • 25+ calls from Google/month on average
  • 60+ leads from Facebook/Instagram
  • Approximately 10-12 new policies

Data as of December 2020.

Savings Every Month

Just how much money did our Allstate client save every month with GMS?

Rather than hiring an expensive full time employee, cookie cutter agency, or an unqualified freelancer that doesn’t meet your standards, we provide unmatched quality at unbeatable prices.

Grow Your Agency

Find out how Golden Medina Services can take your business to the next level.

Our marketing experts are happy to partner with many United States insurance providers including, but not limited to:

We also service independent agents!

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DUI Doctor Receives 2020’s Top 10 Best of the Best Award

DUI Doctor Best of the best Award 2020

Press Release

This week, Attorney Adam M. Vander Heyden, AKA the DUI Doctor, received 2020’s Top 10 Best of the Best Award for the state of Nevada. This marks a major victory for the Doc, as he continues to gain market share across the Las Vegas Metropolitan Area.

About DUI Doctor

Adam is originally from Eagle, Wisconsin. After graduating from Thomas Cooley Law School in Michigan, he has dedicated himself and his career to helping people through a difficult time in their lives as a criminal defense attorney.

Over the past 6 years, Adam has handled over 1600 DUI cases, resolved over 60,000 traffic tickets, and made thousands of court appearances for his clients. Every day, Adam’s focus is on protecting the constitutional rights of Nevada citizens, preventing abuses by the state, and ensuring that one mistake does not cost someone their life, career, or future.

Adam’s passion for criminal law carries over to the rest of his life as well. When he’s not in the courtroom Adam enjoys hiking, reading, playing hockey, and competing in NPC Mens’ Physique competitions. Adam believes firmly that you only get back what you put into something, which is why he puts everything he has into everything he does.

Source: Avvo.com

The Doc on 90 Day Fiancé

The DUI Doctor first made his appearance in TLC’s 90 Day Fiancé back in 2018, when reality star and influencer Larissa Dos Santos Lima was faced with domestic battery charges against now ex-husband, Colt Johnson.

Adam makes several appearances throughout the hit TV series (at one point ranking as the #1 Show in America), but his greatest highlight on the show so far is how he landed Larissa a huge win by getting her charges dropped.

Larissa was so ecstatic about the results, she had this to say:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Adam is amazing. He’s handsome…he’s the best attorney in Nevada. I would recommend @dui_doctor to anybody because of how helpful, supportive and professional he is.”

Larissa Dos Santos Lima

The Doc in Court

Aside from his duties as a criminal defense attorney, Adam also participates as a small claims judge for the Las Vegas Regional Justice Center. You can view the Doc in action in his new miniseries the Doc in Court, available on Facebook Watch.

Marketing & PR

The DUI Doctor is a long term marketing client of Golden Medina Services. The GMS team manages all aspects of the Doc’s online presence including social media content, advertising, referral partnerships and more. Since working with GMS, Adam has experienced considerable growth and an increase local presence.

Get in Touch

Schedule your free consultation with DUI Doctor by visiting www.duidoctor.com.

GMS Teams Up to Launch Free Marketing Software

GMS Free Marketing Software (1)

Local marketing agencies Golden Medina Services (GMS) and Sweat Zone Management Group (SZMG) teamed up to release a powerful marketing software for small business owners to use at no charge.

As part of an effort to help empower business owners during the pandemic, the teams put their creative minds together and have developed a software jam-packed with important tools for managing a small business, all within an easy to use platform aptly named the Business Center.

Features: Everything You Could Ask for in a Professional Marketing Software

GMS Business Center Reporting
Example snippet of Business Center’s Welcome Dashboard

Executive Reporting

One of the Business Center’s most highly anticipated features is it’s Executive Reporting. Unlike other platforms that charge a hefty reporting fee (ballpark of $500 – $1,000/month), the Executive Reporting module allows you to connect your Google My Business account into the report for free and visualize the data in a simple and intuitive way.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Users can add on their Google Analytics, Facebook Business Page, and other social media accounts, as well as track the ROI for their Facebook and Google Ads on the paid plan.

When asked about the Business Center, GMS Founder Marlon Medina had this to say:

It’s every business owner’s duty to know how their company is performing. The problem is that executives don’t have time to sift through 10 different reports from 20 different platforms everyday. Our product is different because we tie everything together and make it easy for managers, VPs, and Owners to understand exactly what’s going on.

Top 10 Fastest Growing Marketing Agencies in Vegas – August 29, 2020.

Reputation Management

When it comes to managing online business presence, a proper reputation management solution is often overlooked. With hundreds of different online listings and local discovery platforms such as Yelp, TripAdvisor, and many more, having a system to help identify and safeguard your business profiles is a must.

Business Center’s Rep Management portal provides you with a snapshot summary of your online listing score, any possible errors or inaccuracies, and even allows you to respond to your reviews without ever having to leave the system.

GMS Reputation Management
Example of the Reputation Management Review Response Portal

If you’re needing a more robust solution, the paid version of Reputation Management allows you to track any company mentions of your business across the web, access competitor insights, and even automatically correct your listings whenever there’s a change in your business information.

Customer Voice

Finding a non-intrusive way to capture customer feedback can be a challenge for many business, both small and large alike. Business Center’s marketing software makes growing online star rating smooth and painless by introducing Customer Voice. This tool lets companies send out email and text follow-up to their clients under their own domain. This is an important distinction, as review requests are much more likely to get opened is the email is coming from the companies actual domain (ex: handymanlv.com).

CV ReviewTemplates
Example of Customer Voice Branded Review Requests

To make things even better, the messaging in Customer Voice branding can be customized and even embedded into users’ business websites for free. In fact, the platform is so sophisticated, it will allow review over a certain threshold (ex: 4.5 star rating) to be automatically published online, while also incubating reviews under a desirable threshold to be sent to business owners so customer service teams have the opportunity to smooth things out if possible.

Social Media Marketing

Have you ever wanted to schedule your social media posts, only to find out that the leading industry schedulers come with little to no features? Or that you have to install an app and follow complicated steps just to connect to Instagram? The Social Marketing tool within Business Center provides content scheduling for Google My Business, Facebook, Twitter, and more. Moreover; users can respond to comments, see which posts perform the best, and even connect RSS Feeds.

GMS Social Marketing Tool
Example of Social Marketing Content Schedule Tool

For businesses looking to create their own content, Social Marketing includes a post-builder feature within the software. Fair-use stock imagery and pre-built templates, and custom links make this a powerful tool for marketing departments indeed!

More advanced editions of Social Marketing include a prospect finder tool, where you can monitor posts to discover potential clients based on the keywords they post.

All in One Business Management

Perhaps what makes Business Center so special is that its highly customizable nature allows the platform to grow and adapt alongside you as your business flourishes. Business owners have access to their own native app store where they can purchase a wide variety of marketing services on the spot. No mystery pricing or having to wait to speak with a sales representative to get started. Preview the service directly in Business Center, view associated case studies or demo videos, and that’s a wrap.

The Featured Apps in Business Center are continuously evolving and include services such as industry-specific blog writing, employee background checks, incorporation assistance, and more.

Why is Business Center Free?

With so many free tools, one may start to think: “What’s the catch?” Here’s what Co-Founder Roilda Medina had to say:

Our marketing software is free because we believe in placing immediate value to our clients. No one likes going back and forth on a sales call over pricing. The catch? There is none. When our clients are ready to upgrade into our more managed, customized solutions, they can do with with the touch of a few buttons. We are here to guide our clients as their life-long marketing partners and this can only come naturally.

Interview with Las Vegas Women in Marketing – August 9, 2020

In Conclusion

The Business Center by GMS & SZMG is singlehandedly one of the most important tools for any small business owner in need of immediate marketing tools and services. It’s non-intrusive format lets you dive deep into the platform’s free services without limitation. This marketing software is truly on a whole new level!

Learn more about Business Center by scheduling a free demo today.

Helping Operation Underground Railroad Rescue Combat Human Trafficking

Golden Medina Services works to Operation Underground Railroad to fight human trafficking

On Thursday, July 30, 2020, Operation Underground Railroad, also known as O.U.R. Rescue, held a peaceful demonstration in Las Vegas Nevada against child trafficking, called Rise Up for Children.

Local Las Vegas-based Agency Golden Medina Services served a key role in generating excitement around the valley. After the previous videographer was unable to do the filming for the video, GMS stepped up to the plate to film, edit, and publish the message.

The video was a hit on social media, with many families and local business re-sharing the message to get the word out.

Owners Marlon & Roilda Medina were thrilled when given the opportunity to collaborate with the O.U.R. rescue team in Las Vegas.

It was amazing working for the O.U.R. Rescue cause. I’m grateful for those who stepped forward to make this event possible.

– Roilda Medina, Co-Founder of GMS

The Message

Rise up for Children brought to light many of the ongoing atrocities taking place every day because of human trafficking. Viewers and attendees are encouraged to volunteer and support anti-trafficking efforts in their community in many way, such as organizing fundraisers and encouraging local schools or districts to include human trafficking in their curriculum.

The Impact

With the combined efforts of GMS and the O.U.R. Rescue team, thousands of local Las Vegans are now more informed about trafficking and more willing to take action both online and offline.

Learn more about Operation Underground Railroad by visiting ourrescue.org

Verified TikTok Advertising Agency – GMS


Special Announcement 🚨

Golden Medina Services is ecstatic to be recognized as a Verified Advertising Agency on TikTok! Only a select few Marketing Agencies have access to create advertising on this powerful platform, and we’re humbled to be at the forefront!

Regarding TikTok

This social media platform has the HIGHEST growth potential and is rich with young users that love to express themselves and interact on a viral scale. With 41% of users aged between 16 and 24, it’s the perfect place to establish your brand in a fun and interview way.
GMS is now accepting a select few applications for clients to test drive the Ads Manager platform!

Schedule a call with us today to learn more!


Featured Brands on TikTok



Testing, testing (new quesadilla in Cleveland and Indianapolis) 👀 #foryou #chipotle


San Diego Zoo

Which Marketing Agency Should I Partner With?

Why Work with Golden Medina Services

FACTS: there are tons of marketing agencies, softwares & freelancers nowadays.

So why partner with GMS? Here are 3 reasons why partnering with us is your best bet!

#1. We get your business found online. 

We go light years ahead of the “normal” marketing standards. By honing in on your key markets and identifying any weak points in your marketing, we develop a personalized game plan ready to launch and funnel in the right audience for your brand objective.

#2. We get creative.

We grow your PR & media with quality content, achieve that one-of-a-kind WOW FACTOR and stand out from the crowd by leveraging powerful social media channels  only get you the right kind of engagement, but keep the conversation going even when your clients are offline.

Best part? You can track your metrics real-time across all channels and drive buying interest through dynamic email campaigns.

#3. Convert leads into happy customers.

We bring your brand to new heights through high-end print marketing and deliver your message out to your lovely clients, keeping them smiling time and time again.

Your clients will love you for years to come.

Level up your marketing today. Your clients will love you for years to come.

Full Service Partnership with East Coast Powerhouse, Brandywine Graphic Associates

bga gms leadership

GMS Leadership Met with Owner of BGA in November to Formalize Partnership & Set Launch Date.

Last month, Ron Carulli (right), owner of Brandywine Graphic Associates, met with GMS Leadership Marlon (middle) and Roilda (left) to move forward on a full service partnership set to “shake up” the West Coast.

BGA was formed in 1993, Philadelphia, where Ron & his partners set to launch a striking array of conventional marketing services in the North Eastern region of the US, including direct mail, commercial printing, graphic design, & commercial signage.

As the years went on, BGA adapted to business needs and added email campaigns, promotional items/apparel, and even data acquisition to its services.

Now in the midst of a #NewEra of marketing, BGA has officially partnered up with Golden Medina Services (GMS) in order to offer a full scope of marketing services, both conventional and digital.

Learn more about the BGA partnership here.

Graphics, Printing, Promotional, Signs, Direct Mail , Web, Hosting

Learn why people have been choosing BGA for nearly 30 years.

Schedule a call with BGA this month and save up to 30% on your marketing needs!

gms business solutions