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Stephanie L. Mann, founder of Safe Kids Now, has been serving communities across the U.S. for 50 years.

With criminal activity such as trafficking ever increasing, Stephanie was in need of a robust marketing partner to help her reach more families & fellow organizations online!


Help national non-profit make a stronger impact by maximizing reach and engagement through social media.


Broad & expanding targeting.

The audience for SKN was primarily an older demographic. Previous social campaigns did not go outside this market, thus, alienating younger audiences. By producing more widely targeted, highly branded marketing, SKN is now able to resonate with a much larger audience!

I am very excited over the results we have gotten through Golden Medina Services! Marlon, the owner, is very kind and receptive to our needs as a non-profit. He cares about the development of our cause and handles everything we need for social media marketing. I also enjoy that the company is very transparent with reporting. I can see how many people are engaging at any time and know that they are just a phone call away whenever I need something. Thank you!
Stephanie Mann
Founder, Safe kids now


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Graphic design & branding

Logo creation, branding kit, template creation.

Localized Marketing

Multi-channel marketing (LinkedIn & Instagram) + outreach add-on.

Hashtag optimization

Targeting local counties, cities, niche consumers, & referral markets.

Marlon Medina, CEO - Golden Medina Services
Roilda Medina, VP - Golden Medina Services
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