4 Explosive Ways Golden Medina Services Helps a Local Criminal Defense Attorney Grow His Business

Golden Medina Services helps grow criminal defense attorney in Las Vegas

How Our Marketing Services Helps a Las Vegas Attorney Get New Clients

1. Social Media

High Frequency Marketing

Unlike other services, people don’t ever plan on getting a DUI. It can happen when one least expects it. With this in mind, Golden Medina Services (GMS) implemented a high frequency content marketing model for our client, DUI Doctor. This model allows our marketing agency to target followers similar to our Defense Attorney’s existing client base. We also targeted past clients online to elevate referral volume.

2. Local SEO

Get Found Before the Competition with Search Engine Optimization

With approximately 7,333 active and resident lawyers in Nevada, ensuring your brand stays competitive is a must. GMS empowers DUI Doctor’s online searchability by optimizing their Google listing and focusing on their niche market: DUIs and Traffic Tickets!

3. Realty TV (Yes, You Read That Right)

Our Defense Attorney is on National TV. Now what?

Faced with being featured in a hit reality TV show, 90 Day Fiancé, our client needed a way to capitalize on the millions of viewers that would be meeting him for the first time. GMS developed time-sensitive Ad Campaigns to maximize brand awareness for his legal services.

4. TikTok Marketing

Taking Virality Into Your Own Hands

To further expand our client’s reach, GMS developed an explosive content strategy using TikTok to grow our defense attorney’s business. We launched a miniseries called the Doc in Court, available to stream exclusively on social media as well as a myriad of other video content produced and recorded by our team.

What Do the Numbers Say?

Some of Our Key Metrics on Social Media Marketing

  • Over 2 million content impressions on Facebook.
  • Over 405k content impressions on Instagram.
  • Approximately 3 million video views on TikTok.
  • An average of $0.75 cost per click on Facebook & Instagram.

Data as of December 2020.

Some of Our Key SEO & Lead Generation Metrics

  • Over 12.4k Google Searches performed within a 7 month period.
  • Approximately 650 new phone calls (an increase of over 200% from the previous period).
  • Over 100 new online leads directly attributed to GMS marketing efforts.

Grow Your Law Firm

Now that you’ve gotten the opportunity to learn about how we help local defense attorneys, it’s your turn to grow! Find our how Golden Medina Services can take your business to the next level & schedule a consultation today.

Other Attorneys We Work With

  • Personal Injury Attorneys.
  • Workers’ Compensation Attorneys.
  • Bankruptcy Attorneys.
  • Immigration Attorneys.

DUI Doctor Receives 2020’s Top 10 Best of the Best Award

DUI Doctor Best of the best Award 2020

Press Release

This week, Attorney Adam M. Vander Heyden, AKA the DUI Doctor, received 2020’s Top 10 Best of the Best Award for the state of Nevada. This marks a major victory for the Doc, as he continues to gain market share across the Las Vegas Metropolitan Area.

About DUI Doctor

Adam is originally from Eagle, Wisconsin. After graduating from Thomas Cooley Law School in Michigan, he has dedicated himself and his career to helping people through a difficult time in their lives as a criminal defense attorney.

Over the past 6 years, Adam has handled over 1600 DUI cases, resolved over 60,000 traffic tickets, and made thousands of court appearances for his clients. Every day, Adam’s focus is on protecting the constitutional rights of Nevada citizens, preventing abuses by the state, and ensuring that one mistake does not cost someone their life, career, or future.

Adam’s passion for criminal law carries over to the rest of his life as well. When he’s not in the courtroom Adam enjoys hiking, reading, playing hockey, and competing in NPC Mens’ Physique competitions. Adam believes firmly that you only get back what you put into something, which is why he puts everything he has into everything he does.

Source: Avvo.com

The Doc on 90 Day Fiancé

The DUI Doctor first made his appearance in TLC’s 90 Day Fiancé back in 2018, when reality star and influencer Larissa Dos Santos Lima was faced with domestic battery charges against now ex-husband, Colt Johnson.

Adam makes several appearances throughout the hit TV series (at one point ranking as the #1 Show in America), but his greatest highlight on the show so far is how he landed Larissa a huge win by getting her charges dropped.

Larissa was so ecstatic about the results, she had this to say:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Adam is amazing. He’s handsome…he’s the best attorney in Nevada. I would recommend @dui_doctor to anybody because of how helpful, supportive and professional he is.”

Larissa Dos Santos Lima

The Doc in Court

Aside from his duties as a criminal defense attorney, Adam also participates as a small claims judge for the Las Vegas Regional Justice Center. You can view the Doc in action in his new miniseries the Doc in Court, available on Facebook Watch.

Marketing & PR

The DUI Doctor is a long term marketing client of Golden Medina Services. The GMS team manages all aspects of the Doc’s online presence including social media content, advertising, referral partnerships and more. Since working with GMS, Adam has experienced considerable growth and an increase local presence.

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