GMS Teams Up to Launch Free Marketing Software

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Local marketing agencies Golden Medina Services (GMS) and Sweat Zone Management Group (SZMG) teamed up to release a powerful marketing software for small business owners to use at no charge.

As part of an effort to help empower business owners during the pandemic, the teams put their creative minds together and have developed a software jam-packed with important tools for managing a small business, all within an easy to use platform aptly named the Business Center.

Features: Everything You Could Ask for in a Professional Marketing Software

GMS Business Center Reporting
Example snippet of Business Center’s Welcome Dashboard

Executive Reporting

One of the Business Center’s most highly anticipated features is it’s Executive Reporting. Unlike other platforms that charge a hefty reporting fee (ballpark of $500 – $1,000/month), the Executive Reporting module allows you to connect your Google My Business account into the report for free and visualize the data in a simple and intuitive way.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Users can add on their Google Analytics, Facebook Business Page, and other social media accounts, as well as track the ROI for their Facebook and Google Ads on the paid plan.

When asked about the Business Center, GMS Founder Marlon Medina had this to say:

It’s every business owner’s duty to know how their company is performing. The problem is that executives don’t have time to sift through 10 different reports from 20 different platforms everyday. Our product is different because we tie everything together and make it easy for managers, VPs, and Owners to understand exactly what’s going on.

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Reputation Management

When it comes to managing online business presence, a proper reputation management solution is often overlooked. With hundreds of different online listings and local discovery platforms such as Yelp, TripAdvisor, and many more, having a system to help identify and safeguard your business profiles is a must.

Business Center’s Rep Management portal provides you with a snapshot summary of your online listing score, any possible errors or inaccuracies, and even allows you to respond to your reviews without ever having to leave the system.

GMS Reputation Management
Example of the Reputation Management Review Response Portal

If you’re needing a more robust solution, the paid version of Reputation Management allows you to track any company mentions of your business across the web, access competitor insights, and even automatically correct your listings whenever there’s a change in your business information.

Customer Voice

Finding a non-intrusive way to capture customer feedback can be a challenge for many business, both small and large alike. Business Center’s marketing software makes growing online star rating smooth and painless by introducing Customer Voice. This tool lets companies send out email and text follow-up to their clients under their own domain. This is an important distinction, as review requests are much more likely to get opened is the email is coming from the companies actual domain (ex:

CV ReviewTemplates
Example of Customer Voice Branded Review Requests

To make things even better, the messaging in Customer Voice branding can be customized and even embedded into users’ business websites for free. In fact, the platform is so sophisticated, it will allow review over a certain threshold (ex: 4.5 star rating) to be automatically published online, while also incubating reviews under a desirable threshold to be sent to business owners so customer service teams have the opportunity to smooth things out if possible.

Social Media Marketing

Have you ever wanted to schedule your social media posts, only to find out that the leading industry schedulers come with little to no features? Or that you have to install an app and follow complicated steps just to connect to Instagram? The Social Marketing tool within Business Center provides content scheduling for Google My Business, Facebook, Twitter, and more. Moreover; users can respond to comments, see which posts perform the best, and even connect RSS Feeds.

GMS Social Marketing Tool
Example of Social Marketing Content Schedule Tool

For businesses looking to create their own content, Social Marketing includes a post-builder feature within the software. Fair-use stock imagery and pre-built templates, and custom links make this a powerful tool for marketing departments indeed!

More advanced editions of Social Marketing include a prospect finder tool, where you can monitor posts to discover potential clients based on the keywords they post.

All in One Business Management

Perhaps what makes Business Center so special is that its highly customizable nature allows the platform to grow and adapt alongside you as your business flourishes. Business owners have access to their own native app store where they can purchase a wide variety of marketing services on the spot. No mystery pricing or having to wait to speak with a sales representative to get started. Preview the service directly in Business Center, view associated case studies or demo videos, and that’s a wrap.

The Featured Apps in Business Center are continuously evolving and include services such as industry-specific blog writing, employee background checks, incorporation assistance, and more.

Why is Business Center Free?

With so many free tools, one may start to think: “What’s the catch?” Here’s what Co-Founder Roilda Medina had to say:

Our marketing software is free because we believe in placing immediate value to our clients. No one likes going back and forth on a sales call over pricing. The catch? There is none. When our clients are ready to upgrade into our more managed, customized solutions, they can do with with the touch of a few buttons. We are here to guide our clients as their life-long marketing partners and this can only come naturally.

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In Conclusion

The Business Center by GMS & SZMG is singlehandedly one of the most important tools for any small business owner in need of immediate marketing tools and services. It’s non-intrusive format lets you dive deep into the platform’s free services without limitation. This marketing software is truly on a whole new level!

Learn more about Business Center by scheduling a free demo today.