Helping Operation Underground Railroad Rescue Combat Human Trafficking

Golden Medina Services works to Operation Underground Railroad to fight human trafficking

On Thursday, July 30, 2020, Operation Underground Railroad, also known as O.U.R. Rescue, held a peaceful demonstration in Las Vegas Nevada against child trafficking, called Rise Up for Children.

Local Las Vegas-based Agency Golden Medina Services served a key role in generating excitement around the valley. After the previous videographer was unable to do the filming for the video, GMS stepped up to the plate to film, edit, and publish the message.

The video was a hit on social media, with many families and local business re-sharing the message to get the word out.

Owners Marlon & Roilda Medina were thrilled when given the opportunity to collaborate with the O.U.R. rescue team in Las Vegas.

It was amazing working for the O.U.R. Rescue cause. I’m grateful for those who stepped forward to make this event possible.

– Roilda Medina, Co-Founder of GMS

The Message

Rise up for Children brought to light many of the ongoing atrocities taking place every day because of human trafficking. Viewers and attendees are encouraged to volunteer and support anti-trafficking efforts in their community in many way, such as organizing fundraisers and encouraging local schools or districts to include human trafficking in their curriculum.

The Impact

With the combined efforts of GMS and the O.U.R. Rescue team, thousands of local Las Vegans are now more informed about trafficking and more willing to take action both online and offline.

Learn more about Operation Underground Railroad by visiting