About GMS

Golden Medina Services (GMS) offers an entire ecosystem of products: from marketing & tech, to financing & legal services.

We make sure to provide our clients with unmatched service and always strive to rise above and beyond.


Start with a Firm Foundation

We provide end-to-end market research to help identify existing & potential challenges. We protect businesses with financial overhead protection & legal safety nets.  


GMS takes companies of all sizes to new heights with its lead generation, SEO, &  retargeting tech. Targeted marketing solutions ensure you get the right audience in front of you.   

Personalized support & analytics help you maintain a competitive edge, while our renowned monitoring services protect private company/personal information 24/7.

From shortening your sales cycle to investment protocols, we’ve got you covered for both long & short-term goals.

We help you create value, not just profit.

Toll-Free Line: +1(877)314-2021

Corp. Line: +1(702)970-3619

Corp. Hours of Operation: MON – FRI, 8AM – 6PM PST

Sales Support (Social Success, Golden Medina Finance, Golden Medina Legacy): marlonmedina@goldenmedinallc.com

Corporate Recruiting + Customer Support (Golden Medina Finance): roimedina@goldenmedinallc.com

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